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INTRODUCING Stoner - Miracle Gloss

PRP Corp is proud to be an official distributor for the Miracle Gloss range of release products from Stoner Inc. USA

PRP Corp Gelcoats and Flowcoats

PRP Corp manufactures high quality, Australian made, performance gelcoats and flowcoats for tough Aussie conditions.

Pool Building Polycor 943

Polycor 943 gelcoats are designed for the manufacture of rigid, colour-fast and easily maintained fibreglass pools.

Used by some of Australia’s biggest pool builders, the Polycor 943 range can be tailored to suit chip/glitter inclusion and tough, Aussie manufacturing environments.

Available in 20L Pail Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

General Purpose Polycor 944

The Polycor 944 gelcoat line is PRP Corp’s general purpose workhorse. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of transportation, marine and sanitary applications, and many more.

Flowcoat, spray and brush versions are all available in the Polycor 944 range.

Available in 20L Pail Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

High Performance Armorflex 953

Amorflex 953 Colour Chart

Armorflex 953 gelcoats are designed for the more rigorous demands of the marine industry and other heavy weathering applications. Armorflex 953 gelcoats exhibit excellent surface gloss recovery and are ideal for solid surface parts and boatbuilding.

Easy to apply, easy to work with and easy to repair.

Available in 20L Pail Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

Tooling Gelcoat PRP Tooling

You get what you pay for. For your investment in PRP Tooling Gelcoat you will get an industry-leading product and a 1st class finish. PRP Tooling gelcoat is precision formulated, from a combination of proprietary raw materials, to exhibit high heat distortion resistance and provide a hard, durable finished surface.

Available in 20L Pail Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).


PRP Corp manufactures a range of resins to suit almost any fibreglassing need.

General Purpose Orthophthalic Resins

PRP Corp’s Norsodyne 2116 resin is a general purpose, cost effective resin for bulk laminates of all kinds.

This resin is available in hand laminating and spray-up viscosity profiles, with or without wax pre-added.

This bulk resin is available in 20L pails, 200L drums, 1000L IBCs.

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High Performance DCPD & Iso Resins

DCPD blends offer the best of both worlds: the cost-effectiveness of orthophthalic resin with the superior performance of DCPD chemistry. PRP Corp offers Enydyne 1735, a tough-curing yet easy to work with resin, great for marine applications, and Riva 2000, available in laminating and infusion grades, the perfect bulk resin for a myriad of applications and uses.

PRP Corp is proud to also supply Norsodyne 1679 and Norsodyne 1680. TPA based resins.

Barrier and Specialist Vinylester & TPA Resins

PRP Corp proudly supplies VSX2200, the pinnacle of vinylester resins, suitable for barrier application or as general use vinylester. Also available in vinylester is Kayak K1001, available in laminating or infusion grades. K1001 is easy to spray or infuse and exhibits great wet-out properties either way.

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Miscellaneous Putty Resins, Casting Resins and More...

PRP Corp produces Flexi Putty Resin 1508 to the Australian market as well as a small selection of casting resins.

An exciting step for PRP Corp in 2021 was the initial production of our 1st CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) resin, successfully trialed in the field, setting up a commercial launch in the near future… watch this space!


PRP Corp supplies glass in all its glorious forms to meet your needs.

High Volume Bulk Glass - Doffs and 2-Kreel

PRP Corp supplies only quality glass, from reputable sources such as Jushi Glass. Our bulk glass is easy to use, tough and flexible.

Bulk glass is available by the pallet only.

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No Gun Chopped Strand Mat (CSM)

Jushi CSM is one of the most recognised brands in the industry, for good reason.

PRP Corp stocks Jushi CSM in 225gsm, 450gsm, 600gsm and 900gsm, 1.02m wide cartons.

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Specialties Bi-axial, stitched, injection/infusion matting, woven roving and more...

PRP Corp often has stock of other glass formats, and if we don’t have it in stock we can get it for you and give you a realistic timeline from order to delivery.

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Shorter Stuff Milled Fibre

PRP Corp supplies milled fibre to multiple industries in Australia, a versatile item, Milled Fibre is useful for many end-uses. We stock different grades of milled fibre and can supply in 25kg bags or full pallets at special rates.

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PRP Corp Equipment & Supplies

PRP Corp offers a range of equipment and consumables to complete your composite construction capability.

3M Performance Spray Gun and Nozzle Refill Packs

Lightweight, impact-resistant spray gun made from advanced composite material. Can be used with pressure-fed or gravity-fed systems. Nozzle refill packs also available.